For those annoying moments when you forget a long and secure password, and there is no way to access your system, iSee Windows Password Recovery Pro can improve your situation avoiding OS re-installation

The interface is based on two combo menus, one for CD/DVD selection and the other for USB flash drive. Aside from the two drop-down menus, there are three info buttons, noticed on the upper part.

Near the minimize button a down-pointing arrow will list the same info buttons. The buttons will open web pages to the developer's site for the desired information. No other functions or controls were observed.

iSee Windows Password Recovery Pro can perform a wide range of account management actions. For example, aside password recovery, you can also reset Administrator guest, or other users' password, Windows 10/8 account password and even create a local use.

Older operating systems as Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/XP/NT are supported as well.

To create a bootable device, just insert your disk or USB flash drive, wait for the system to read it and then select it from the combo menu. Press the "Burn CD/DVD/USB/" button, and you will have your password recovered in no time.

Unfortunately, the application is not portable, so in order to reset your password and gain access to your PC, you have to install it on another system to create the bootable drive.

In conclusion, iSee Windows Password Recovery Pro is a simple and intuitive tool that will help you create a bootable CD/DVD/USB to gain quick access to your PC in case you have forgotten the account password. This program can be easily used by inexperienced users as well as advanced ones due to its simplicity.

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