If your job is revolving around sending emails or corresponding with clients or workmates, you surely must deal with a lot of typing. For some people, keyboard typing has a relaxing effect and helps them focus, but for others, it can look like a chore they'd rather not do. Luckily, there are ways to help one type less and do their job properly at the same time. isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software is a compact utility that lets you bind consistent phrases to the hotkeys you determine, allowing you to save time while completing your tasks.

Automatic Typing Software is a portable app, which can come in handy for users who are required to travel a lot and get to use multiple computers or laptops. However, this doesn't mean that you'll have to manage the settings each time you change systems, as all your references are saved in the config file, which is located in the same folder.

Also, to make sure the process is smooth and no errors are encountered, it is recommended to run it with administrator rights.

The app comes with already created directories packed with several basic abbreviations that one might find a use for. The UI cleverly separates the folder from its contents by employing two different panels. On the left side, you can use the context menu or the toolbar shortcuts to create, edit, or delete folders. The right side deals with the contents of the folders so the context menu changes accordingly.

To set up new phrases and keybindings, click on New Keyword entry in the context menu. Now, in the newly opened window, type down the keyword (the abbreviation) and assign a phrase to it. After you click OK, the new hotkey will be listed and become functional.

isimSoftware Automatic Typing Software is a smart tool that can help any user who wants to spend less time typing without sacrificing quality or quantity. Furthermore, adding and managing the abbreviations requires less time and effort. Thus you won't be trading a laborious task for another.