If a real break bell it's getting old or the personnel is needed for more important activities and tasks, isimSoftware Bell Scheduling Software can take the old ringer to the trash can.

The interface has only one window split in two main parts. The upper portion is used to set up the attendance program, break time and alarm type and the bottom part is a preview of the settings selected from above. At the lowest section, you can notice a bar that contains a clock, the day, the lesson status and the app's status.

Also, the interface has three tabs that mainly control the music list and the school/work program settings. If you right-click inside the interface a combo menu containing the already mentioned options plus the radio feature, are displayed. A small issue was observed when deleting an inputted lesson, a message in both Turkish and English appears; this won't impact activity but can be somehow confusing for some users.

isimSoftware Bell Scheduling Software was created to replace the school's classical bell system. Following a program for lesson and breaks, the app can automatically sound the bell at a given time. Furthermore, the bell can be set up to deliver music, anthems or even alarm sounds due to customization ability.

Besides schools, the app can also be used in a work environment that uses an alarm for shifts status or lunch breaks. During the break time, a music list can be played or a radio broadcast as well. The music/radio broadcast will not be functional while the lessons/work time is active.

In conclusion, isimSoftware Bell Scheduling Software is a tool that can help schools and companies to get rid of the classical bell system and use the computer and some speakers to modernize and automatize the breaks and create a cheerful environment by broadcasting radio and music to their attendants.

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