ClickOnce is a Net. Framework Component and a deploying technology that can be used to create applications that can auto-update and require minimum interaction from the user's side.

The trust prompt is an important part of this technology, and can often be observed while one installs an application and the security warning pops up. To change the prompt's settings, you have to use the Registry Editor, which sometimes can be time-consuming and complicated. ClickOnce Trust Prompt Behavior Tool, however, allows you to manage the settings from inside a small and friendly UI, without employing the regedit.

The trust prompt deals with five zones such as MyComputer, LocalIntranet, TrustedSites, Internet, and UntrustedSites. Each of these zones has the same configuration options that can be applied to them. Enabled, Disabled and AuthenticationRequired are the only choices for the items, and they can be a pain in the neck to change from the Registry Editor.

There's where this little app comes in - comprising all the zones in a small UI and attaching drop-down menus so you can change their settings in a quick and simple manner.

All in all, this application was developed to ease the work of programmers who build or deploy apps using the ClickOnce tech. So if you are finding these tools useful after reading this article, you can give it a try.