As its name implies, ISO Creator allows you to create ISO images from files. It can be easily installed and configured, regardless of the user's level of experience.

The app is wrapped in a plain interface with an uncomplicated layout where you can select folders for conversion by using the tree view. Once you specify the target file and volume label, you can create the ISO image.

ISO Creator is also capable of creating bootable ISO items from the Windows installation files, but it works only with a few versions of the operating system.

The tasks we have mentioned can be easily put in motion by first-time users. However, ISO Creator holds several advanced settings for skilled users as well. For example, you can disable the options to include hidden files and directories as well as to optimize the storage by encoding duplicates files only once.

The straightforward program runs on a moderate amount of CPU and system memory, is pretty responsive to commands, and quickly finishes a task without freezing, crashing or displaying error dialogs; we have not encountered any issues throughout our evaluation.

Thanks to its intuitive layout and overall simplicity, beginners can seamlessly get around the app's features, while the advanced settings should satisfy more experienced users. The only disadvantage here is that ISO Creator has never been updated, so it doesn't seem like it will integrate support for newer Windows editions. But, all in all,  ISO Creator provides a straightforward solution for creating ISO images.