If you’re trying to create an ISO image and you are looking for an app to do that as fast as possible, here’s one possible solution: ISO Maker.

This Windows application was developed especially to serve this purpose and it’s capable of creating ISO image files either from a CD or DVD disc or straight with the data stored on the local disks.

Configuration is in most cases a breeze, mostly because there are only a few settings at your disposal, all integrated into a very intuitive interface.

For example, if you want to create an ISO file using a CD or DVD, it’s enough to pick the source disc and the name of the output ISO file, while ISO Maker can automatically take care of the rest of the job. A data ISO on the other hand prompts you to select the files to be included in the project, but again configuration is minimal.

Last but not least, ISO Maker allows you to burn ISO files too, with only two settings to be configured: recorder and ISO filename.

ISO Maker runs on low resources and doesn’t hamper system performance, but we’ve experienced some compatibility issues on Windows 7 during our testing. The program stops responding every once in a while and crashes all of a sudden.

All in all, ISO Maker is a tool that makes ISO creation a breeze, providing not only a very simple interface, but also basic configuration options especially aimed at rookies.