If you want to be able to read more articles and books than your friends or family, you need to start by improving your reading speed. While the first step is to stop subvocalization, i.e., silently ‘speaking’ the word you read, you also need to rely on specialized tools, such as iSPRINT for Windows 8.

This application can only be run on computers running Windows 8 or 8.1, no matter if they are x86 or x64, so you first need to make sure you have upgraded your OS to one of these editions.

As soon as you run iSPRINT for Windows 8, you need to calculate your WPM (Words per Minute) value, so you know how fast you can currently read. This value can also be used as a reference for your future tests, so you can assess how much your skills have improved.

When you want to improve your WPM, you can gradually increase the speed used for displaying the words you want to read. If you notice that you cannot keep up, you can slow it down with a single mouse click, then increase it when you feel you are ready.

You can also add your favorite EPUB ebooks within iSPRINT for Windows 8, so as to practice your reading skills by going through materials that interest you.

Furthermore, you can integrate the RSS feeds of the articles you read on a daily basis so you can improve your reading skills while also keeping up to date with the latest news worldwide.

To wrap it up, iSPRINT for Windows 8 can come in handy to those who want to read faster and are willing to invest time and energy in improving their skills. If you want to gain access to expert reading speeds, you will need to purchase a license.