ISPWizard - Internet Setup Program Wizard is an advanced application that helps you create Internet setup programs for all versions of Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000 and XP. Setup programs created with ISPWizard can be distributed on floppy disk, CDROM or via Internet download.

Gets new users online quickly and easily.

Gets existing users back online by automatically fixing most problems.

Improves customer satisfaction.

Reduces the number and average length of technical support calls.

Low once off license fee - includes future updates and upgrades.

Easily customizable - setup programs are created instantly.

ISPWizard can optionally be used together with the ISPWizard Dialer to add many extra features over the standard Windows dialup networking interface, such as showing your custom logo and automatic dialer updates.

Here are some key features of "ISPWizard":

■ Automatically configures all necessary settings for popular Browsers and Email Clients.

■ Can be used for DSL/Cable (PPPoE, VPN and DHCP) connections as well as dialup.

■ Supports automatic online signups compatible with many existing billing packages.

■ Automatically installs required networking components - e.g. Dial-Up Networking, Dial-Up Adapter, TCP/IP etc.

■ Setup programs created are very small and self contained (Around 300k) - They easily fit onto a floppy disk, or can be downloaded off the Internet as a single executable file.

■ Automatically detects and corrects many dialup networking problems.

■ Supports a virtually unlimited number of Dial-Up Numbers.

■ Supports configuration of multiple email accounts.

■ Can show welcome message and message at completion.

■ Configurable user interface - show your company logo and a color gradient background.

■ Can launch browser installation from CDROM.

■ Customizes Browser Home/Search Pages, Titles and Logos.

■ Many more features - far too many to list here!