The Internet provides an alternative and sometime easier method of handling daily activities. It’s even a place to earn a living, including through stock transactions. There are various trading applications you might already be using. As such, iStocks Smart Stocksdata Pro comes to enrich the experience by providing live data from NSE stocks.

Needless to say that you first need to go through a setup process to make the application function. Moreover, your computer needs to be fitted with .NET Framework for everything to functions, but there’s a high chance it’s already there, because it’s delivered as a default feature in modern Windows iterations.

The interface isn’t really something to make it stand out from the crowd, but nor do you need it to. There’s a table displaying NSE stocks with column headers for quote, open, high, low, close, and volume. The bottom section shows necessary instructions, but also makes it possible to specify the depth of history to load.

Another thing you need to know is that the application alone presents little solid purpose, but this isn’t really an inconvenience, because it’s core feature is to be an assistant for stock trading applications, such as AmiBroker, MetaStock and Advanced GET. As such, iStocks Smart Stocksdata Pro is just a means of keeping your trading application updating with live data.

In fact, all you need to do after starting iStocks Smart Stocksdata Pro is to fire up your own trading application and create a new chart, which is good to include the NSE prefix. Unfortunately, the program can’t temporarily save data to your computer or issue any alerts whenever sudden changes are detected or particular conditions met.

All things considered, we can state that iStocks Smart Stocksdata Pro comes to complete your stock trading experience. It delivers live information from NSE stocks and makes it ready to be used in your preferred trading application.