With iStonsoft ePub Editor Pro you can enjoy your favorite e-books, while also being able to tamper with their content. Whether you want to correct a mistake or re-write the story yourself, this application can do the trick.

With its ribbon-based interface, iStonsoft ePub Editor Pro makes it easy for you to access all its functions. All the options are one-click away and the pop-up hints tell you what each button does.

The application can load existing EPUB files, but you can also opt to create a new e-book from scratch. The integrated book browser allows you to view text sections, manage images, fonts, audio and video content, while the table of contents displays all the chapters and can be fully edited.

iStonsoft ePub Editor Pro helps you change the background and text colors, edit fonts and change the paragraph style and layout. Furthermore, you can easily insert new blank pages or attach HTML or XML files from your computer to the e-book, as well as hyperlinks and images.

There are options for changing the book cover using a locally stored picture, as well as modifying the book metadata,, namely title, author name, used language, publisher, copyright, release date and so on.

iStonsoft ePub Editor Pro mixes a user-friendly look with a complete editing function set, enabling you to change the content and the appearance of an e-book according to your preferences. From the cover to the last chapter, you can modify every element and even insert new pages or images into the EPUB file.