eBooks and digital formats available for lecture have known a real expansion ever since their introduction, becoming a staple in today’s arsenal of any literature reader aficionado. Nevertheless, as simple as their overall demeanor might be, there still are times when interoperability issues occur, or, more so, DRM-related problems. For such issues, iSummersoft Nook Converter will provide users with a compact tool that allows them to tackle DRM removal and eBook format conversions with ease, all from within a single, centralized platform.

The app’s simple interface and corresponding menu are all a testament to its even simpler handling, which we found to be quite straightforward. Both classic and drag-and-drop input methods are supported, meaning that users who are accustomed to one of the two are covered.

The added content will sport a minimalist preview of the cover, but apart from that, users cannot have a deeper insight into the loaded eBooks. All in all, this is not such a major gripe.

Besides the DRM removal process, which is at the core of iSummersoft Nook Converter, just as its name suggests, the app is also capable of performing conversions, which is one of its highlight features.

Thankfully, there are quite a few output formats available, and we believe that this ensures a smooth transition to other eBook compatible devices or programs, especially considering the ease with which the conversion process can be carried out.

Although not that impressive by the looks of it, iSummersoft Nook Converter manages to pack a punch in terms of functionality, leaving users with little to be desired in terms of DRM removal and eBook format conversion.