Keeping your PC clean and running smoothly is probably one of the most challenging tasks these days, especially in the context of the ever-growing media format variability and actual file storage volume. There is a myriad of programs available that can help you perform clean-ups of your PC, some more complex, others simpler. iSumsoft System Refixer will provide you with a minimalist solution that also carries several other useful maintenance features and tools.

Featuring a swift and simple installation process, the app will be ready to scan your PC in just a few simple steps. Unlike similar cleaning apps, it will not run an initial scan automatically, and this might or might not be such a big deal breaker.

Running a scan will yield the results classified into several categories which comprise some of the most common problematic areas which might experience issues: firewall, invalid cache, invalid DLLs, file extensions, etc.

For those who the main cleaning module might not be sufficient, the app also comes pre-packed with a dedicated registry scanner. However, running the scan will yield the results in a very non-informative manner, leaving those who wish additional details, wanting for more information.

Considering the easy-to-use menus and controls, together with the overall improved handling, iSumsoft System Refixer could be ideal for novices or those who do not wish to bother too much with complex settings.

If your PC is sluggish and you’re wondering what to do to make it faster, you could try out this cleaning app. Featuring a no-brainer approach and some extra features such as the included registry scanner, it can help you get rid of junk files and consequently, improve your PC’s performance.