IUWEshare Disk Partition Recovery Wizard is a reliable tool that allows you to restore lost files from an entire disk partition. The program can come in useful when you wish to restore your data to its original state, after a virus attack, formatting or system crash. It can easily detect damaged or corrupted partitions then recover data from them.

IUWEshare Disk Partition Recovery Wizard relies on two types of system scanning: by default, it can perform a fast scan, designed to recover the recently deleted items. However, in order to restore more files, you can perform the in-depth scan, once the first stage is finished.

The recovered files are automatically sorted, according to three criteria: original path, extension and date of deletion. The column on the left displays the folder tree, which allows you to expand every node and view the contents of each subfolder. Moreover, the program offers a powerful preview tool, which can render a file as image / text and alternatively HEX code.

IUWEshare Disk Partition Recovery Wizard allows you to select several items, by checking the containing folder. Alternatively, you may select each and every file, in order to save only relevant items.

The program can be a suitable solution in case your computer suffered a virus attack, a crash or due to an operator error and entire partitions were accidentally lost. The supported file systems include FAT, NTFS or EXT, in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Moreover, the application can manage several hard disk types, including IDE, ATA, SATA and SCSI.

After selecting the files you wish to wish to save to your computer, IUWEshare Disk Partition Recovery Wizard allows you to save them to a local drive. It is recommended that you save the recovered contents to a different location than the one you initially scanned, due to safety reasons.