iWebshot is a lightweight Internet Explorer add-on developed specifically for helping you capture webpages while navigating on the Internet using the Internet Explorer web browser and save the images to files on the disk. It is compatible with Windows XP, 2003 Server, Vista, and 7 (32- and 64-bit versions).

It takes nothing more than a fast and simple installation process in order to install this particular Internet Explorer add-on. A help manual cannot be found in the package, only a ‘Readme’ plain text file that includes useful details about the extension’s capabilities.

In case you no longer need the add-on, you can quickly disable it via Internet Explorer’s configuration panel.

iWebshot gives you the possibility to simply browse on the Internet and open a preferred webpage. It is able to capture the entire webpage to an image file on your computer.

You are allowed to take a screenshot of the entire webpage by using the ‘iWebshot’ command in Tools menu in Internet Explorer or right-clicking on the target webpage and selecting the ‘iWebshot’ option.

What’s more, you are offered the possibility to save the captured photos to PNG, JPEG, or TIFF file format. In addition, you can pick the saving directory and specify the filename.

On the downside, iWebshot does not come with advanced features. You are not allowed to capture a user-defined region of the webage, edit the output image by inserting text, geometrical shapes (e.g. rectangles, ellipses, circles, lines), arrows, user-defined text messages, and text/image watermarks, as well as highlighting certain regions using custom colors, just to name some suggestions.

To sum things up, iWebshot has to offer a simple software solution and comes bundled with a basic feature package for helping you capture entire webpages to an image file. The poor support for configuration settings makes it ideal especially for less experienced users.