The SRS iWOW for iTunes plug-in now provides the richest and most immersive audio experience for PCs, in any listening environment, using technologies from SRS Labs, the world leader in post-audio processing.

Whether users are listening to the internal computer speakers, enjoying the audio from desktop speaker systems or enjoying personal time with headphones, SRS iWOW for iTunes dynamically brings out deeper base, rich sounds and subtle nuances buried in the recorded or streamed iTunes multimedia content.

A powerfull iTunes plugin that will enhance your audio experience.

iWOW for iTunes creates an immersive experience from computer speakers by broadening the sound sphere. Users will enjoy a rich immersive experience and virtual surround sound for iTunes music and movies over desktop speaker systems ranging from 2.0 to 3.1 speakers. Or users will experience a thrilling virtual surround sound for iTunes music and movie content when listening on headphones.

You associate SRS iWOW for PC with the audio device or sound card to which your headphones or speakers are connected.