Musicians face many difficulties in the creation process. Inspiration is not enough to produce professional recordings, and most of the times post-production enhancements or corrections are required. This is where iZotope Insight can come in handy, as it enables you to analyze and scope your soundtracks.

The software is designed to run as a plugin, which means you must own third-party software to be able to access its features and options. Other than this issue, the application is a breeze to install.

The interface is packed with multiple features and tools; you can load a spectrogram, spectrum, sound field, levels and a loudness history into the same window. If you are not accustomed to previewing multiple meters and variables at the same time, you will have a tough time focusing.

Insight allows you to load any of its tools and single out any sound discrepancies. This can be accomplished by zooming, scrolling, scaling and freezing the meter data. You can also try its built-in presets, which are compliant with various regional regulations.

The software is versatile enough to find its way into the hands of broadcast, post, and music engineers, video editors, sound designers and composers. The variety of features and the ease of use makes it a proper metering suite during mixing and mastering.

In conclusion, iZotope Insight can prove an excellent addition to sound masters. Its features are varied, and its applicability is wide. However, the price is steep for a plugin, even though it is an entire suite of tools and features. Without a doubt, it is a professional grade software, as it is compatible with most host applications on the market at the moment.