Some audio pieces are plagued by artifacts that affect the experience of music listening. iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner is designed to tinker with the song in order to eliminate disturbing sound bits so that you can benefit from the clarity of a clean song.

Getting the program on the system is a quick procedure that does not require too much input or attention from the user. Suffice to follow the instructions on the screen and the operation should complete without a hitch.

The main application window is intuitive and presents all the sound tweaking options in plain view.

The audio enhancing tools available in the program can be used to reduce noise, hum and pops as well as to improve the quality of the voice and of music (makes it sound brighter and livelier).

Configuring them to the right levels is just a matter of dragging by a slider until the desired value is reached.

With the built-in audio player iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner allows you to check the results on the spot. If everything is okay than the file can be saved locally.

The program has extensive support for audio and video files. It also includes the possibility to capture audio data, which would make the cleaning process much easier.

The configuration panel is simple and with a short list of options. The only choices are defining the frequency for the hum filter, enabling automatic normalization and setting the recording type (mono, stereo or have the program detect it automatically).

iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner takes little time to get accustomed with and it can achieve impressive results, although this depends greatly on the audio track that needs to be processed.