Good music is not just about the musician's voice. An entire team of producers and sound masters works to deliver the best sound. That is why the music industry requires various types of software and tools to keep up with the demand. iZotope Trash provides a bundle of distortion algorithms that enable you to post filter your tracks.

The software is designed as a plug-in, which requires a third-party software to be accessed. The program offers reasonable support for the industry's host applications, but you should check out compatibility issues before purchasing the application.

The installation process is straightforward, prompting you to install the components you require. Depending on your host application, you can use this software as AAX, VST, Audio Unit and RTAS for both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts.

The plug-in provides a total of six modules which include trash, filter, convolve, dynamics and delay features. Each one can be set to run individually or bypassed according to your needs. Moreover, you can rearrange the order in which the modules operate to ensure the quality of the sound.

The interface is one of the program's high points; the buttons, sliders, and knobs are well-placed and are extremely responsive to commands, either by clicking or using the mouse wheel. This allows for fine tweaks even when you are in a rush. There are multiple display options, depending on your taste. You can preview sounds as spectrums or waveforms.

All in all, iZotope Trash is a complex audio plug-in that offers significant functionality. It is a professional grade software, as it provides multiple options and features. It has great value for money, and it is well designed.