If you frequently use handheld devices, such as portable consoles, iPods, PDAs or smartphones, you are probably aware that there can be quite a few compatibility issues regarding multimedia files.

Therefore, prior to watching a video on your device, you sometimes need to convert it to a supported file type first. You can rely on Jaksta Converter to perform this task and it also allows you to burn the resulting files to a disc.

This handy utility comes with a minimalistic, yet visually appealing layout that encompasses its various functions. The interface adds up to the overall accessibility of Jaksta Converter by displaying tooltips when hovering your mouse pointer over each feature.

You can add files by hitting the large button from the top right corner, or by using the Alt + I keyboard shortcut. Additionally, you can import items by dragging and dropping them on the main window.

You can convert multimedia content to a wide variety of file types that are organized by quality presets and device manufacturers. For instance, if you need to watch a movie on your Samsung tablet, you just need to select the corresponding manufacturer, product and profile from the list so that Jaksta Converter can easily adjust the format of your item.

More so, this useful application provides batch file support, so you do not need to manually add and supervise each and every one of them during the process.

The Settings tab allows you to modify a series of parameters, such as minimizing the program to tray, importing content into Windows Media Player or iTunes library and defining an output location. Furthermore, each format profile can be configured in terms of quality, extension, codec and bitrate.

After handling your content, you can use this program to burn the resulting files to various disc types, including Audio CD, VCD, SVCD, DVD and Data Disc.

In conclusion, if you need a convenient way to simultaneously convert several multimedia files and burn them to discs, you can rely on Jaksta Converter.