Information technology brought about a series of revolutionary methods through which communication is possible even when two different languages are used and none of the interlocutors know the other. An example is jalada Just Translate 2016, which aims to translate any piece of text you throw at it in more than 50 languages.

The setup takes only little of your time. Resources you need are of no concern, with the possibility to run it on most configurations, or latest Windows iterations. What’s more, accommodation is a walk in the park thanks to the fresh design.

In visuals, the interface sports a clean layout, with two horizontally separated panels to write down text and receive the translation, an upper toolbar fitted with all the controls you need, and rich manual to help you out in sticky situations. Although it doesn’t get integrated into the context menu, it requires little effort to use.

By default, the application attempts to automatically recognize the language of the text you provide, but you can manually change that just to be sure. For translation, you can either set a general language, or pick every time, with an impressive array of content to choose from.

File support is rather poor and limited to TXT. It’s not possible to drag such files over the main window, but implemented functions let you load them, save source, as well as result to a different TXT file.

In addition, there’s an implemented spell check utility to quickly fix any mistakes. It appears to work for the majority of languages, which is a big plus for practicality. Various suggestions are offered, with options to “teach” the feature new words.

To sum it up, jalada Just Translate 2016 is a neat application to have around in case you work with people from different parts of the world. Getting acquainted with what it has to offer only takes a little while, the variety of implemented languages increases the chances of success, while the spell check feature delivers the result in a polished form, making this application worth a try.