Jambo - Text to Speech is a user-friendly and reliable piece of software that was created to help you convert written messages into audio, so you can listen to them on the go, on a media player.

In terms of appearance, the application is quite simple and accessible, enabling you to successfully work with it from the very first run, with minimal effort.

The main window comprises all of its customizable features and options, so you can simply load your text file and render it in audio form, in just a couple of mouse clicks.

Jambo - Text to Speech supports TXT and XML files as input formats. The contents of these files are loaded in a dedicated window and once you click on the ‘Speak’ button, the words will be highlighted as they are pronounced. Nonetheless, you can also manually type any message that you would like to hear being read aloud.

The program features several customizable ‘Settings’, allowing you not only to choose the voice that you want to use from the available ones on your computer (generally, the ones provided by your OS), but also ‘Enable Viseme’, ‘Text is SSML’, ‘Auto Detect SSML’ or ‘Speak Synchronously’.

Other options include the ability to adjust the ‘Volume’ and the ‘Rate / Speed’ level of the speech, by means of dedicated gliders. The generated audio can be exported to a WAV format file, so you can listen to it in a any media player, on your computer or a different device, when needed.

To conclude, Jambo - Text to Speech is a useful and easy to handle utility that you can resort to, should you need to listen to a piece of text, regardless of the reason. It can even save the audio to a file on your PC, allowing you render them more easily.