Japan is a country that many people perceive as ideal, beautiful and rich in history, and they do so for good reason.

Japanese Garden 3D Screensaver is a desktop enhancement tool that will bring a little piece of Japan to your screen so that you may enjoy its beauty, both natural and cultural.

The screensavers depict everything you know as typical for a Japanese garden: sakura trees, ponds, ducks, high-arch bridges etc. The problem is that some graphical features are too exaggerated and distracting. For example, the water's movements make it look like it is too viscous, while the reflection effects look more like those in a chromed mirror than an actual lake's surface.

Additionally, this screensaver does not support high-resolution widescreen monitors, so you have to choose either to have it fill your entire screen but have jagged edges and pixelated images, or just fill the center of your screen and risk damaging your monitor.

Despite the fact that this app does not boast the best graphics, it does take a heavy toll on your system's resources. While texting, the framerate was very low, and there were constant performance spikes, as the screensaver alternated between moving normally and slowing down every two seconds.

Unfortunately, even lowering the resolution and disabling the other features had no effect on improving the screensaver's performance, meaning that it probably isn't optimized for use on the OS it was tested on (Windows 10).

Japanese Garden 3D Screensaver tries to impress with what it delivers but fails because of the way it delivers it. The only redeeming factor is the music, but since a screensaver's purpose is to be seen and not heard, that isn't of much help.

Ironically, this app could run better on older OS, so those of you with older systems can might as well give it a shot