Java42 Screen Recorder is a cross-platform screen recording utility that provides you with a quick and fast method of capturing the desktop activity and saving the generated result as a GIF animation or a MOV Quicktime video.

Focusing on ease of use, Java42 Screen Recorder features a simple interface with adjustable dimensions, enabling you to easily select the desktop area to record. For your convenience, the GUI is transparent, so that you can view exactly what the captured section comprises.

By default, the application is configured to stay on top of all the other windows, so you can include other running programs into the generated video. The duration of the recording can be either 5, 10 or 20 seconds. Unfortunately, you can only choose from these three options, as there is no setting to help you enter a user-defined time value.

There are a few settings that you can customize before starting the recording process. For instance, Java42 Screen Recorder can be configured to apply a gray scale or a black and white filter to the generated video or record it in color mode.

Also, it comes with a simple zooming function that enables you to optionally reduce or increase the size of the recording with 20%. As a downside, no other alternatives are offered, so you are once more stuck with the preset values.

Java42 Screen Recorder comes in handy in situations when you need to capture short-duration videos of your desktop activity.

Built in Java, it can run on all the major platforms, allowing quick screen recording in color, gray or black and white. Nevertheless, further improvements (such as more flexible customization options, longer recording durations) would really add to its value.