Jaws PDF Creator is a straightforward application that facilitates file conversion from PostScript to PDF format. It caters to all types of users, since it is very simple to handle by novices, and it also includes settings for professionals.

After a brief and uneventful setup procedure that does not require special attention, you can check out the small, regular window with the plain structure, representing Jaws PDF Creator’s interface. The tool can also be used as a virtual printer.

PostScript files (PS format) can be selected for conversion using either the file browser or drag-and-drop support. Batch processing is permitted, so you can convert multiple items at the same time.

The conversion procedure automatically starts when files are added, and they are delivered to the same location as the source. In the main application window you can view the total processed and remaining files, along with the current input and output one, and a progress bar.

It is possible to make some adjustments beforehand, from the Settings menu. Depending on the purpose of the resulted PDF file, you can select print quality, press ready or web quality conversion profile. In addition, you can set Jaws PDF Creator to prompt for an output destination.

Advanced users may tinker with the configuration sets and add new ones (e.g. import from XML format). Font types can be filtered, and it is possible to select the PDF version (1.3, 1.4, 1.5), thumbnail generation mode (monochrome, color, none) and resolution.

Other options allow users to execute programs on task completion, establish a default output directory for all files, view the PDF files immediately after creation or send them as an email attachment, edit advanced color options (e.g. convert CMYK to RGB, preserve halftones) and document structuring conventions (e.g. preserve OPI comments), pick compression options for images (downsample, compression type and resolution for color, greyscale and monochrome pictures), embed fonts, encrypt PDF files, as well as generate error logs.

Jaws PDF Creator has a good response time and quickly carries out conversion tasks while using low CPU and RAM, delivering quality PDFs. It certainly contains a wide array of customization preferences to satisfy even picky users. Unfortunately, the product is no longer in development, so no further updates shall be made.  Jaws PDF Creator is not supported by newer operating systems.