JazlerShow! is an application that is especially developed for radio stations, theaters or television shows that need a quick and practical way in which they can add, organize and play various sound effects, jingles and even songs.

JazlerShow! displays a straightforward interface that places all its functions and features in plain sight, ready to be accessed and used. It doesn’t really matter if you’re experienced with radio-related software or not, because JazlerShow! is easy to use thanks to its uncluttered space and neatly organized GUI.

From the same window you are able to load the sounds you need into two lists which you can play separately, at the same time, or transmit the audio feed from each one to a different sound card.

Organizing tracks and sounds is easy and it should come intuitively seeing as how you can customize each effect in terms of name, title, color highlight and cue points. One thing that you can’t adjust is the individual volume for each sound you have inserted into the application and that can be a big issue if for example you can’t hear the jingles because of the loud clapping effect.

JazlerShow!’s design is inspired by Windows 8’s metro look which means that it’s predominantly made up of simple colored tiles. This denotes that using the application won’t drain your system of resources, but rather makes it less prone to crashes and more reliable.

To avoid any undesired consequences due to a sudden system crash, JazlerShow! enables you to create a complete backup of your entire database with just one click and restore it in the same simple manner.

With the above to consider and a few more things to discover, JazlerShow! is a rather practical tool to have on your computer if you’re looking to use a lot of sound effects in your shows.