JBO  Entertainment Centre is designed to play a wide range of audio and video media files. It also fills the need for a media player which has no flashing lights, does not connect to the Internet (unless you request online assistance), does not draw pretty patterns and does not take up large amounts of desktop, memory, or disk space.

Having said what it does not do, what it does is play the following file formats:

Audio - mp3, wav, mid, rmi

Video - wmv, avi, mov with display from 320 x 240 pixels up to your screen size.

The program automatically switches between video and audio mode according to the media being played - there is facility to resize the display in video mode only.

The above link to 'the bigger picture' will allow you to see the program at actual size (in 320x240 video mode).

The program is easy to use, with almost all of its functions being available from the compact tool bar. A standard menu provides the remainder, particularly the help options which will allow access to this web page, the Entertainment Centre Help web page, an email support link, and finally an 'About' option which provides program detail.

The above image, at actual size, shows the program in single play audio mode.

While Entertainment Centre is not designed to be a fully-featured CD player (there are many of those available), it is quite simple to play a CD should you wish to, and the above image shows the program doing so.

The program will play any combination of the specified file formats from user-defined playlists. You may construct a temporary list for immediate play, or you may export (save) a playlist for future use. Playlists which have not been exported will not be retained once the playing sequence is completed, or if the Stop / Cancel button is pressed during play. If a playlist contains a mixture of audio and video files, the display will automatically change modes as required for each item on the list.