Jesterware DVD Ripper Professional is a program designed to help you prepare DVD videos and common video types (e.g. AVI, MPG, WMV) for Android, iPad, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia and Zune, among other devices.

The tool is wrapped in a simple-to-use interface where you can open a DVD video by selecting its source drive from a drop-down list or by using the folder view or file browser.

The file queue displays the title, TV system type, resolution, aspect ratio, duration and default output name of the DVD video. If you prefer the default settings, then you can directly initialize the encoding procedure by specifying the output profile, destination and filename.

Otherwise, you can configure settings regarding audio and video (e.g. codec, bit rate, size, frame rate, sample rate, volume level, channel mode), subtitles (e.g. font scale), cropping and iTunes integration. Unfortunately, you cannot restore options to default.

But you can also customize properties when it comes to the DVD drive access (table of contents, stream processing) and the video player (e.g. drop frames). Additionally, you can select the CPU priority level, enable threads and set the tool to power off the system when the task is done.

Jesterware DVD Ripper Professional also allows clip trimming along with video loading from YouTube and DailyMotion. You can select the audio track, subtitle language and individual chapters for conversion, as well as create an audio and video sample and enable the option to overwrite existing files. Inexperienced users can turn to the DVD ripping wizard if they are overwhelmed by the advanced options.

Jesterware DVD Ripper Professional quickly converts a DVD while using a moderate amount of CPU and system memory. Its response time is good and you can also look into a help file. Output videos have a fair image and sound quality. Unfortunately, you cannot create output profiles.