JetBrains Space is both a development ecosystem and a project management tool. The program has to offer a lot, ranging from dev-oriented and issue-handling features, to HR and knowledge-administration options.

JetBrains Space is a multi-purpose service that can be delivered in different ways — by using it as a desktop client, as a web application, or by accessing it from your phone. The whole system is built around flexibility and accessibility.

You can handle multiple projects inside the app's system, and you can easily switch between these. For each new member, you create an individual profile, add their information, time off, their position, responsibilities, and much more.

You can create your company's own internal blogs, docs, or knowledgebase; plus, with JetBrains Space, you can manage time, calendars, meetings, interact with teammates, add comments to articles, issues, code reviews, or collect and share knowledge.

Besides its really prominent and powerful project-management traits, this tool is an excellent development-oriented utility. It has all you could need from something of this kind. For example, you can build the entire development funnel, connect people on the way (at crucial points), get input, save and trace historic data, and track the project's progress and the people's involvement, time, and performance.

Moreover, members can message each other so they can collaboratively contribute to the projects' expansion. With JetBrains Space, you have — all in one — issue tracking, code review, personal tracking (to-do lists, calendars, meeting tracker and organizer, and document and task management), and refined admin tools for actively and passively managing massive projects, large datasets, and for optimizing employees' workflows and cross-team interaction.

If you are looking for a service and a program that will help you gain control of your own processes, enhance accountability, and grow a fully-contained system with excellent, optimized functioning mechanisms, then JetBrains Space is surely worth trying. Not only does it make for a solid and extra-powerful utility, but it looks extremely fine as well.