JFugue Music NotePad is a simple standalone application for composing music and generating MIDI files. The underlying functionality provided by this application comes from its reliance on the JFugue API. The JFugue API provides a simple yet powerful set of classes for playing and saving MIDI files. The user interface that is built on top of this API is based on the NetBeans Platform.

All that the user interface does is enable the user to generate JFugue music strings, without needing to understand what they are, how they work, or what they're for. For example, when a quarter note is dragged to the "E" line in the clef register of the music sheet, a string consisting of "E5q" is generated in the Editor (right side of the screen, below the Palette).

The JFugue API knows what to do with this string and, when File > Play is selected, the JFugue API plays the note. When File > Save is selected, the complete content of the Editor, which contains all the JFugue music strings in the order in which they were added, is played and then saved as a MIDI file. When a new instrument is selected, a related string is added to the editor, and all subsequent notes are played by the last selected instrument.

Get JFugue Music NotePad and start creating your own music sheets and MIDI sounds in a flash!