JHelp adds an easy-to-use help content window to your Java application.

The help content includes pictures and text created using a standard html format. This means that help content creators can control fonts, font sizes, lines, colors, and hyperlinks.

The sample to the left shows the hierarchy of help topics and multiple subtopics that can be developed with JHelp. This provides a standard and intuitive user experience. Pages can be written in different character sets such as unicode allowing you to use other languages.

Search capabilities in JHelp cover all help content. Familiar forward and backward controls allow the user to return to previous pages. JHelp also includes a Tips at Startup dialog and an Accept Licence dialog that you can include with your program.

JHelp can save you development time. It allows you to develop your help content independent from your main application. Content creation is easy using the included sample as a template. No java skills are needed to create the content pages and hierarchy.

JHelp is designed to offer you an easy way of developing help content.