When dealing with sensitive digital documents, an often encountered issue is that of accidental deletion. Important documents can be lost by mishandling, accidental formatting and even malevolence. Regardless of the underlying motives, powerful tools have been devised to assist users faced with having to recover information after such events.

Jihosoft File Recovery is one of the many programs that promise users the ability to restore lost, formatted or deleted items. The application does not require any technical expertise on behalf of the end-user and a few mouse clicks are enough to recover files.

One of the great features of this program is its ability to scan both local and external drives. All partitions can be processed and users can even define file-type masks. This is a great option when one is certain of the format of the lost document. The value of this function should not be understated, as scanning the disk for items generally returns thousands of items!

Depending on the size of the targeted storage media, it should be known that the scan can take up to several hours to complete. After completion, users can select items from a highly intuitive setup: all the recoverable items are placed in a left-sided panel, organized according to their type (e.g. images, office documents or music).

Another interesting and powerful feature of this program is the ability to preview documents, before restoring them. This can be very useful when one is unsure about the actual contents of the item found during the scanning process. Almost all files can be previewed, including text documents or music tracks and video clips.

To sum up, Jihosoft File Recovery is a practical tool for anyone in need of a lost, formatted or deleted items recovery program.