iTunes makes it possible for users to encrypt iPhone, iPad or iPod backups when they are created, thus preventing others from gaining access to important data. However, you will not be able to restore your files if you forget your password.

Jihosoft iTunes Backup Unlocker is a useful application that helps you recover lost passwords using brute-force, mask or dictionary attacks. It features a wizard-like interface and is very easy to use.

Once you have selected the backup you wish to process, you need to decide which attack type is best suited for recovering your password. A simple brute-force attack requires no configurations to be made, but it is likely to be very time-consuming when dealing with longer passkeys.

If the password is longer than six characters, you will probably have a long wait ahead of you. Thankfully, though, the application can shut down your computer automatically when the process is completed.

If you already know something about the password, you can customize various parameters to reduce the processing time. You can set the minimal and maximal password length, determine which characters should be used and specify a prefix or suffix.

Alternatively, you can use a dictionary file if your password is made up of relatively common words. One such file is already included, but you can replace it with a large dictionary if you have one at hand.

Jihosoft iTunes Backup Unlocker is a fairly simple application that does its job well, and it can be used by both experts and novices. It is capable of recovering passwords using brute-force, mask or dictionary attacks, and it features a streamlined user interface that should make it very easy for novices to get the hang of things. A short but helpful user manual is also available.