Keeping your business on track is not easy, whether you run an established company or trying to find a place in the market. Without the right software utility to help you out, you may end up wasting a lot of valuable time and making costly mistakes.

JobCard Portable is a complex piece of software designed to help you organize jobs, customers, services and products, generate invoices, send emails and view important statistics.

When launching JobCard Portable for the first time, you need to customize some settings depending on how the software is meant to be operated and what type of company it is used to manage.

For starters, the application can run in standalone mode, embedding the database into the program, as well as in client or server mode.

Furthermore, you can define the scope of your activities, and the software is well suited for automobile, computer, electronics and various other types of repair shops, as well as software development companies.

While JobCard Portable certainly offers an impressive array of features, it is also remarkably easy-to-use. You can easily switch between your jobs, customers, products, inventory, reminders or invoices, and the program can also be customized to a great extent.

Moreover, the user interface has a streamlined, modern feel, and the included panels can be resized freely.

However, it is worth noting that no English documentation is provided, so it may take some time for novices to get accustomed to the application.

Of course, JobCard Portable has the added advantage of not needing to be installed on your system, so it is very easy to deploy in various locations.

On the whole, this is a complex piece of software that provides you with all the tools you need to keep track of your activities and ensure your repair shop or software development company is run in an efficient manner.