Playing and editing music tracks are closely related tasks and both require dedicated software solutions in order to be carried out successfully. There are also other similar operations, easier to complete, like merging two or more songs into a single file and they can also be done only by using a utility like Join Multiple AAC Files Into One Software.

When opening the program for the first time you will surely notice that ease of use was the main goal this tool was made to achieve. The front-end has a clear layout, with enough space reserved for the processing list where you can add the files.

The commands are conveniently placed in such a manner that they can be accessed with minimal efforts. To arrange the order of the AAC tracks included on the queue, you can use the buttons from the right side of the GUI or, even easier, you can drag the items to place them in the appropriate spot.

One of the characteristics of Join Multiple AAC Files Into One Software is the ability to complete the job without requiring other user intervention than choosing the target files and the output location.

On the other hand, this lack of control over the quality of the resulting file might deter a great deal of users from trying the application. Nonetheless, it's worth mentioning that the bitrate for the joined AAC track is 128 Kbps, which is decent by most standards.

The basic set of features means that Join Multiple AAC Files Into One Software is an average piece of kit and even if it is very easy to use, some supplementary options for customizing the output settings would be a much appreciated addition.