Join Multiple M4A Files Into One Software is an application that presents you with a very simple and time efficient solution for merging multiple M4A files into one track.

The application enables you to load multiple files in order to join them and as you add them, they are displayed in a list. You are free to add all the songs you want and they can be inserted one at a time or in batch by selecting an entire folder which contains the files.

A thing that you need to be aware of is the fact that the order in which they are arranged in the previously mentioned list, is the same in which the tracks will be joined. So, if you want them in a certain sequence, you can rearrange them using two buttons that move a selected track one entry up or down.

Join Multiple M4A Files Into One Software provides an effective means of merging the files in the sense that the entire process requires very little effort on your behalf. All that you need to know is the location of the files, the order in which you want them and the destination path for the new ‘mix’.

Other than that, since there are not parameters to adjust or any other kind of settings to configure, you’re left with clicking the start button.

With the above to consider, it’s easy to label Join Multiple M4A Files Into One Software as a practical software for M4A merging but if you’re looking for a bit more than just that, then this app can’t deliver.

There isn’t even a normalize audio feature for the resulting track, which means that you either perfectly choose the tracks or expect to readjust the volume when a new song comes along.