Installing different applications on your computer doesn’t just take disk space, memory is also intensely used, and compatibility issues can occur out of the bloom. Removing them doesn’t quite solve the problem, with leftovers still having an impact on your PC, but there are various programs like JoyoBox Cleaner you can use in this regard.

Before you go off downloading the application to see what it can do for you, it’s best to check if your computer is fitted with .NET Framework, because it was built on this platform and is one of the main requirements. On the other hand, modern Windows iterations come with it as a default feature.

The application isn’t specialized in a specific area of your computer, but comes with a set of tools for thorough management of your PC. The main window is structured in tabs, letting you easily access the components of registry cleaner, disk cleaner, history cleaning, manual cleaning, startup manager, uninstaller, and several additional tools.

By default, JoyoBox Cleaner opens up in the advanced mode. This gives you a bit more control over each operation, which can further be tweaked from the settings panel, where you get to choose the exact components of cleaner. There’s also a 1-click mode, which simplifies the whole operation to scan and clean.

It generally doesn’t take long for the application to finish scanning, and you’re able to check out all detected components in the end, and decide what to remove. Sadly, you need to manually perform cleaning operations when necessary, because the application doesn’t come with a built-in scheduler to automate sessions.

All in all, JoyoBox Cleaner proves to be a worthy assistant that can help you bring back some lost performance. The interface is intuitive, letting anyone quickly accommodate with the set of features. Although there’s no scheduler, the application manages to cover enough areas so that cleaning is not required so often.