Removing applications can sometimes leave residue files or invalid registries that can considerably slow down your computer. Luckily, specialized software such as JoyoBox Cleaner Portable gives you the possibility to run a scan process on your computer for any of the files mentioned above and have them cleaned for a boost in efficiency.

The application's main window is equipped with all necessary tools in order to get you up and running as soon as possible. One of the first features you encounter is the “Automatic Cleaning” which runs fast search by default, or you can switch to a thorough method.

Putting the process in motion gets you the result in a matter of seconds. You are taken step by step through ActiveX/COM, startup programs, history list and a few more, to ensure no corner of your computer is left unattended.

Additionally, you are able to run a manual cleaning process, in case you don't trust the application to carefully clean your system. This feature is most helpful for advanced users, as it goes in depth through software files and registries.

Taking a little time to go through all features, you manage to find a startup manager that gives you the possibility to add or remove programs that automatically run when your operatic system starts.

Moreover, you are able to safely delete applications from your hard disk drive with the help of an integrated uninstaller.

You can create backup points for registries and have them restored, just in case something goes wrong. Unfortunately, there is no implemented function that allows you to schedule activities and have your computer constantly cleaned or while it is idle.

All in all, JoyoBox Cleaner Portable is an easy solution to having invalid registries fixed for a little boost in efficiency. It only takes about 2 Mb on your hard disk drive and system resources are not something to worry about. With this in mind, you can easily leave it on a removable storage device and have your computer scanned, or any other, when you see fit.