Almost all iOS users found themselves in the situation where they lost some important data, and the internal services proved to be too complicated to retrieve from. In this situations, recovery software is a more quick and effective option. There are many iOS recovery programs out there, and JoyoShare iPhone Data Recovery is a part of that category.

The program sports clean and easy-to-use interface. When a device is connected, all its details are displayed near the iPhone icon. Near the details, you can notice a list with all the data that can be scanned for and recovered. If you search for a specific file, checking only the box that contains it, the scanning time is greatly reduced.

Besides the ability to recover from any iOS device, JoyoShare iPhone Data Recovery can also retrieve files from backup environments. For example, if you lose your phone or it gets stolen, you can get your data back by using the app to retrieve it from iTunes backup. If the PC or iTunes methods are not cutting it, you can quickly access to iCloud backup and get the lost data restored.

After the scan process is over, you can find all the detected files under their category. Upon selecting a group, all data is displayed under thumbnails in the large preview window. To recover files, simply check their box and select the path to your hard-drive.

The program can recover a wide range of file types from IOS devices: messages (message attachments), call log, contacts, voice mail, photos and videos (app's photos and videos), notes, calendar, reminders, Safari's bookmark, WhatsApp messages, etc.

In conclusion, JoyoShare iPhone Data Recovery is a useful tool that can recover almost all files types from an iOS device and three different environments. Both novice and technical users can take advantage of this app due to its clean interface and simplicity

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