PDF is a popular file type, and it's not hard to see why. It can be used on most platforms and makes it easy to share and protect documents which incorporate text and images. Therefore, one should not be surprised by the abundance of software solutions dedicated to converting various other file types to PDF.

JPG to PDF Converter was designed to do one thing, which is to convert pictures ( in JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP formats) to PDF, and it does it well. It can also batch-process multiple files at once, which is a useful time-saving feature.

What's more, since processing a single file takes very little time in itself, this means that one can quickly convert large sets of files.

When it comes to configuring the output, the application enables users to customize the page size and format of the resulting PDFs, as well as its 'Author' field, margins, owner or user passwords and permissions.

A handy extra feature available to users allows them to merge multiple pictures into a single PDF. This can help them organize their files, package them for a presentation or share them.

The application features a simple and easy to use interface. Files (images) can be added to the conversion queue individually or by selecting an entire folder.

Once files have been added to it, the queue can be manipulated by selecting items, inverting the selection, converting files, deleting files or clearing the queue.

Files can not be dragged and dropped into the queue, nor can the queue be re-ordered.

As mentioned before, this application is pretty straightforward and accomplishes its goal of being an easy to use and fast image-to-PDF batch-converter. However, it offers few extra options and lacks drag and drop support.