JTech Touch is an intuitive driver enhancement program, designed to help you easily navigate, double click or scroll using your touch pad. The accessibility functions provided by the touch pad on your laptop, for instance, can easily be improved, by unlocking several gesture-based actions in Windows 8.

JTech Touch allows you to unlock several functions supported by your touch pad, in order to improve navigation, double clicking or dragging and dropping. The software allows you to tweak your touch pad driver and create a series of gestures that can open applications. JTech Touch unlocks options such as: three-finger drag, two-finger navigation gesture, three-finger tap to middle click or three-finger double tap task switcher.

Moreover, you can right-click on a selected item using the two-finger tap or control the speed and sensitivity of the system response at the three-finger double tap. This function is the equivalent of the click on the mouse wheel and in certain applications it can activate the continuous scroll. The three-finger drag allows you to drag and drop an item by swiping three fingers on the touch pad.

JTech Touch allows you to enable or disable the scrolling functions at any time. When activated, you may easily scroll horizontally or vertically by swiping your finger across the touch pad. You may also control the speed of the scroll. Alternatively, you may use the natural scroll, meaning that the frame on the screen can move according to the direction in which you swipe the finger on the touch pad.

The navigation gestures imply scrolling, by using a touch gesture instead of simulating a mouse wheel. You may thus unlock the overscroll effect or kinetic scrolling. Certain applications, such as modern Internet browsers can also recognize this gesture and perform assigned functions.

JTech Touch is easy to install and easy to use. All you need to do is activate the clicking or scrolling functions, then enjoy the accessibility provided by the touch pad, while the application runs in the background. You may set it to start with Windows, so you can start using the extra options as soon as you open your computer.