If you are a Sudoku enthusiast and you like to spend hours solving these types of puzzles, you've surely found yourself in the situation when you've run out of material. Of course, you can find tons of online applications that can satisfy your needs, but if you prefer the paperback version over a bright screen, why not print your own puzzles? Jubeo Sudoku Maker is a compact tool that allows you to generate and print an unlimited number of Sudoku models.

The Sudoku maker is built in such a simple manner that even a child or an elderly person can safely operate it. The number of buttons or controls is also kept to a minimum, so you can quickly and effortlessly print your pages. When you start the app for the first time, a splash screen will take up most for the UI space until you click one of the language buttons. Both buttons (English and Spanish) will refresh the current model — function reserved for the New Puzzle feature found under the big plus (+) menu.

Furthermore, if you get stuck with a puzzle but you really wish to see its solution, you can click Solve. This will instantly complete the model with blue font numbers. And maybe this feature can beak the app a bit, but if you have an iron will, you won't abuse it.

Besides the direct print option, you can also opt to save the puzzles as JPG. That can be done by clicking the Save image button near the printer icon. Even if the feature might be seen as useless, this can definitely help users without a printer to upload the generated models on a portable storage device and transport them to the first available printer.

To conclude, Jubeo Sudoku Maker is a fun and simple tool that can help satiate your Sudoku craving by allowing you to generate and print an infinite number of puzzles.