Designed to animate your parties as much as possible, Jukebox Jockey Gold is an interesting piece of software that offers a straightforward way to play your music. In addition, the app aims to provide you with the necessary tools to organize your music, thus making your library browsable, searchable and accessible.

Subsequent to its installation and upon first starting the application you are greeted by a compact main window that keeps all the necessary tools and features right in front of you.

The fact that Jukebox Jockey Gold was designed with simplicity and ease of accessibility in mind becomes evident right from the get-go.

The application comes with a modern looking and intuitive interface, with a set of large and obvious buttons. Despite their large sizes, the buttons go very well with the rest of Jukebox Jockey Gold's interface. Of course, this means that you can quickly select songs without wasting valuable time.

Even though its looks might not give it away, this app packs some useful and powerful features. To get started, it comes with advanced media playback and view modes, random play filters, customizable menus.

In addition, it also comes with a feature that makes it easy for you to keep karaoke singers in queue as well as with support for secondary monitor output, playlist and album playback, playlist builder, preview player and pitch control.

Last but not least, the tool enables you to control the tempo and the volume of your computer directly from its window, as well as to set scheduled tasks.

Taking all things into consideration, Jukebox Jockey Gold proved itself to be a very capable music player with a lot more advanced features than you would believe at first.

Besides its advanced features, thanks to a well thought out and customizable interface, the application manages to remain user-friendly and very accessible.