Jupiter 8V is an audio synthesizer that provides musicians and DJs with a whole new approach to audio composition. Packed with a wide array of presets and unique sound effects, Jupiter 8V should be the choice of anyone seeking for an innovative and modern way to make music truly be heard.

Jupiter 8V is a virtualized version of the Roland Jupiter-8, which was an analog musical instrument that was produced thirty years ago by the Roland Corporation.

However, since modern times turned music making and live performances into a computerized experience, an instrument such as Roland Jupiter-8 is more costly and less feasible than a PC program.

Jupiter 8V brings back the sonic impact that Roland’s piece could achieve, inside an environment that is easy to manipulate by connoisseurs of the field. It comes in two major architectures: as a standalone program or as a VST / RTAS plugin that can be used with a compatible host.

No matter the approach, the benefits are quite the same; you get over 400 presets that you can play with, numerous polyphonic voices and digital effects that can be used during live performances. All of these are made available inside a rich and intuitive interface that actually resembles Jupiter-8’s layout.

Other features include advanced preset navigation, a step sequencer, the possibility to perform advanced modulations via the Galaxy module, MIDI support, as well as a set of analog effects that include flanger, phaser and dual delay.

All in all, Jupiter 8V comes across as a steady and versatile synthesizer that encases the look and feel of Roland Jupiter-8 inside a computer program which costs less and is easier to implement than the old instrument.