Managing personal finances involves a delicate game of recording financial transactions and analyzing incomes and expenditures to ensure a sustainable stability. While the latter part is largely dependent on the users' judgment, several tools are available for keeping track of one's transactions, including Just Checking. It allows users to record payments, complete with information on the date, amount, and type of transaction.

As with most data recorders, the program requires users to insert the financial data. A notable feature is the use of a database to store information, a setup that offers increased security (more-so since one can password-protect the project).

All the standard information can be recorded, such as the date the transaction occurred, the payee, memo, amount, and description. One of the noteworthy features of this program is the ability to define certain entries for recurrent use. For example, one can define all the payees involved and then just select them from a list when adding transactions.

The same layout is available for multiple fields, including memos and pay types; for this latter case, users can define a default value, which will automatically be loaded once a new transaction is defined. The application allows one to distinguish between incomes and expenditures, a feature which will prove useful when generating reports with the account's balance.

All entries are displayed in a large list, complete with column headers and the tool features simple find algorithms, as well as advanced and customizable sorting options. Once recording transactions is finished, users can print these items or export reports to CSV format.

To conclude, Just Checking is a valuable asset for anyone interested in recording all the day-to-day expenses and incomes.