Just cows... and maybe a buffalo, ox and yak or two. What can you say about cows? Well, here are some truly interesting facts:

Cattle belong to the bovine family.

The first cow in America arrived in Jamestown colony in 1611.

All domestic cows are descended from two kinds of oxen.

Old cows in India have their own nursing homes.

Cows have almost 360-degree panoramic color vision.

Cows have hollow horns and come in a variety of colors.

Cows can walk up stairs, but not down again because their knees don't bend properly for going back down.

A cow on a pasture can emit about 350 liters (230 grams) of methane per day.

The average cow produces 40 glasses of milk each day.

The average life span of a cow is 25 years

Enjoy this screensaver of 52 paintings and pictures of cows.


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