Just Money is a Metro financial app you can use to manage your budget when it comes to income and expenses. It contains many preset categories as well as pie charts with reports to help you determine what you mostly spend money on.

The finance tool is wrapped in an elegant and intuitive Modern UI. It can be downloaded and installed via the Windows Store, provided that you're running Windows 8, 8.1 or 10.

Just Money is actually optimized for mobile devices with touch support, such as tablets. Therefore, you can efficiently update your budget tracker and generate expense reports even when you're on the move.

After firing it up, you can get started by exploring the layout to figure out what this personal budget manager is capable of. The features are displayed horizontally, so you can drag the horizontal slider (or tap and drag to the left and right) to get a view of everything.

The first part of the transaction tracker is dedicated to the dashboard and top expenses, followed by all transaction records, history of purchases and income sources, along with reports.

After specifying the main salary, you can add your first transaction by setting the amount of money and date, choosing between income and expense, selecting the correct category it belongs to, and writing a note. As far as groups are concerned, only salary, presents and a general category are available for the income.

Many other options can be found in the expense mode, such as shopping, clothes, food, housing, car, travel, significant other, personal objects, hobbies, going out, sports, and pets. Each category has a representative icon to quickly spot it. Unfortunately, Just Money doesn't give you the possibility to create custom groups.

After creating the first transaction, the "New Transaction" button disappears from the "transactions" column. To create new records, right-click somewhere on the window to bring up a horizontal bar on the bottom, and click "Add".

Graphical reports can be separately inspected for income, expenses or both. It's also possible to edit transactions and delete multiple entries at once, change the main salary, and take a screenshot to share the image using an external Modern UI app. It's not necessary to manually save information because the utility does this automatically.

To sum it up, Just Money has useful features to help manage expenses and income, backed by reports, charts, and history of transactions.

However, it doesn't leave much room for customization. For example, the dollar is the only currency available, and there are no options implemented for importing or exporting data.