Choosing a picture for your desktop background isn’t enough for everyone, and you can quickly get bored of seeing the same image over and over again. Windows already comes with an option to automatically change the wallpaper every now and then, but a lot more can be achieved with specialized applications like Just Wallpaper.

The first time the application runs, you’re asked whether or not to have your entire computer scanned for pictures, so the gallery can be automatically built, thus skipping you a great deal of effort. There are, however, several preset galleries, found under the Theme drop-down menu, which you can customize with your own pictures.

Although drag and drop is not supported for importing pictures, using the browse dialog is easy enough. All files you load are enlisted with several related details, and a large space is used to show preview on click. If you stumble upon a picture of interest, you can instantly set it as a wallpaper.

Positioning options are those you find in the default Windows wallpaper changer, but the application can resize pictures before applying them over your desktop background. In addition, there are several masks which show your pictures in different frames.

Apart from simply changing the wallpaper, the application can add some extra elements. One of them is a calendar, with which you can’t interact, but can be made visible over the wallpaper, with options to customize visuals, and position on screen.

A similar extra tool can be used to set simple reminders in the form of text boxes in one of several fixed screen positions. Just to help you have a little fun, the application can transform a picture into a puzzle, letting you bring it back together.

To be fair, the desktop background can be used for more than just storing a cool picture, and Just Wallpaper is proof. Apart from a fully customizable changer, it can be used to enable a calendar, and text notes, without interfering with general functionality, nor ruining the wallpaper.