Justmapzz is a comprehensive map viewer that connects to multiple online sources in order to provide users with the most up-to-date and accurate charts available.

The program can have multiple uses, most notably for tourists planning their next vacation. Another possible use would be in educating children. The ability to add user-defined tracks also makes it a very good hiking aid.

Justmapzz features a highly intuitive interface that most users will find very pleasant. The number of buttons is kept to a very low value and those that do exist are grouped together by functionality. The most use the few menu items present will see is when maps have to be exported or imported. For everything else the buttons will suffice.

Essentially, the software allows users to view any location on the globe. Once a search string has been entered, the resource will display the given location (if valid). It should be noted that the tool is very thorough, so if the query doesn't return any results then one can use an alternate map provider.

The number of charts providers is one of the strong points of this application. There are no less than 16 options (including the major providers, such as a Google, Bing or Ovi). Therefore, it is a good idea to make good use of the generous number of providers, as map details can vary.

Another notable program feature is the ability to make annotations on the charts. Pins and waypoints can be added for pedestrians, bicycles or cars, and the program can automatically compute the distance between the two points. The modified map can then be exported to PNG and printed.

To conclude, Justmapzz is a detailed and powerful resource that will suit anyone interested in hiking, cycling, computing road distances, or simply viewing satellite images of their surroundings.