If you happen to build desktop or web applications for the Java platform and would like them to integrate a rich text editor, turning to JWord could be a solution. Before discussing its capabilities in detail, it should be pointed out that the framework’s interface is compatible with JavaFX as well.

This advanced component puts at your disposal a generous set of features and should cater to the needs of programmers interested primarily in coming up with software that can handle word processing, content authoring, report generation, and more.

One of the most important aspects stressed by JWord’s developers is related to the fact that the product was designed in such a way that you only need to implement a lightweight component into your apps, and implicitly, there are no risks you might face as far as the installation or compatibility is concerned.

As such, editing RTF, ODF, XHTML files and other rich text documents in standard formats is an option for your app’s users. What’s more, generating, changing, automating, and joining files via the object-oriented API can be done, and in case there is functionality you think might come in handy but is currently lacking, you can customize JWord as you see fit.

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