Whether you are trying to lose weight or simply want to ensure that you have a healthy and balanced diet, you probably know how difficult it is to keep track of your meals and exercise plans.

JXCirrus CalCount is a straightforward application that allows you to carefully manage your daily calorie intake and organize your exercise activities. It offers a comprehensive built-in food database, containing detailed records for each item's nutrient content.

When first launching the application, it asks you to input certain personal details, such as your age, height, weight, gender, activity level and whether or not you are pregnant.

This data is used by the program to calculate your healthy weight range, as well as recommended daily calorie and nutrient intake. These values are then displayed in the main window, allowing you to compare them with the records made on a particular day.

You can view a detailed journal of your meals and exercises in the main application window, displaying nutrient values for each meal and calorie expenditure for each exercise activity.

JXCirrus CalCount also displays your nutrient targets, color-coded depending on how much of a particular item you have already consumed. If you have exceeded the healthy range for a particular nutrient, the total daily amount is displayed on a red background.

The application includes a comprehensive list of meals upon installation. You can also add new items, specifying the amount of nutrients they contain, then save them to your personal database.

Additionally, many basic ingredients are included, allowing you to create recipes by combining multiple items.

Overall, JXCirrus CalCount is a handy application that can help you manage your daily nutrient intake and calorie expenditure. It is relatively easy-to-use and includes a large food database, allowing you to start using it quickly, without having to spend time adding various types of meals and ingredients.